ACC Progressive is a proprietary estimating tool developed in-house and used to provide clients with customized Uniformat II or CSI estimates on all levels of design from concept estimates and feasibility studies to fully detailed construction documents.

MII is the second generation of the Micro-Computer Aided Cost Estimating System (MCACES). It is a detailed cost estimating software application. MII provides an integrated cost estimating system (software and database) that meets the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and US Navy NAVFAC requirements for preparing cost estimates. Aiken Cost Consultants has been preparing MCACES cost estimates since the firm’s inception in 1986. We have prepared estimates for over 300 projects in the second-generation software (MII), including assignments in both English and metric units of measure.

The GSA Workbook is a custom estimating template developed by The General Services Administration and is required on their projects. It uses the Uniformat Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

This Tri-Services supported parametric cost modeling tool is utilized primarily during the early design and budgeting phases of military construction projects. ACC estimators are skilled in its use and are familiar with its appropriate applications and limitations.

The DD1391 estimate package is intended to provide documentation to meet the needs of congressional budget decision makers, using agencies, and the A/E design project team for US Government funded projects. ACC has developed a specialized form to simplify input into the EPG system.

RSMeans combines the latest construction cost data with online (or CD) software to permit the development of both parametric and detailed estimates in either Uniformat or CSI formats. ACC has experience in utilizing these estimating programs.

For projects located at Ft. Bragg or Pope AFB, NC, the Department of Defense Standard Form 1948 cost estimating format must be used. ACC has prepared over 125 estimates in this estimating system.

The NAVFAC 4330 form was developed by the Navy for Engineering Change Notices (ECN's)/ contract modifications. ACC has extensive experience in preparing these estimates.